The strong point of our structure is the new Private Spa. We decided to create for our guests a small but welcoming wellness area that can be booked for an exclusive use of couples.
What better way to relax and fully enjoy the benefits of water and heat and improve your quality of life?!?
A whirlpool with chromotherapy, an infrared sauna in himalayan salt, an emotional shower with chromo and aromatherapy, a modern Turkish bath and a special floor with sea bowls for a natural foot massage await you. Relaxing music will accompany you all the way and help make the whole experience even more complete.


Immersing yourself in our whirlpool is a unique and special moment to combat stress also thanks to chromotherapy that helps the body and mind to regain their natural and primordial balance and impress a deep status of well-being. The infrared sauna guarantees safe heat and heat becomes even more beneficial when it can be combined with a precious and ancient element such as pink Himalayan salt, as a seed of health and well-being. The increase in body temperature, facilitating sweating, frees the body from toxins, relieving muscle stiffness and improves blood circulation.
With our emotional shower you will join the pleasure of water, chromotherapy and aromatherapy. The alternation of colors also has an effect, in particular, on the mood: blue is calming and refreshing, red gives strength and energy; green increases balance, serenity and concentration. With the Turkish bath, hydrotherapy treatment in the form of hot steam, you will have incredible benefits; increases the ability to exchange oxygen in the lungs and bronchial system, relaxes the nervous system, smoothes, softens and delays aging the skin thanks to the increased oxygenation and revitalization of tissues. Finally, let yourself be surprised by the offer of our massages! A cuddle for your body and mind!